About Me

Welcome to Of Australia and Scotland, the online word vomit produced by myself.

I am Courtney. 18 years old. Currently living in Perth, Western Australia (what am I even saying, I will probably always live here).

I am an avid gymnast, dancer, writer, reader, and very good at sharing my opinion and riling others up (never intentionally, don't worry).

Criminal Minds has been a huge part of my life since 2010, and I am proud to say I'm part of that fandom (sometimes...some days it gets REALLY crazy). AJ Cook is my role model and my inspiration and I cannot wait for the day I hopefully get to meet her in person and thank her for being the amazing person she is.

I am also a strong advocate for childhood cancer awareness. You can read why in 'The story of #believeforchloe',

Find me on:
Twitter - @godofbacon
Tumblr - imthegodofbacon.tumblr.com
YouTube - xxcourtneyjareauxx
Fanfiction - www.fanfiction.net/~andreearaducan
And pretty much everywhere else as 'SQ215'.

Thanks guys :)