Saturday, 11 April 2015

14 tips for first time Skyrim players

Anyone who follows me on Twitter or reads my latest fanfiction knows just how much I love The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, simply called Skyrim by many.

Skyrim is a medieval/fantasy RPG game that follows a line of successful RPG games produced by Bethesda. It is the fifth in the series, following The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion. Skyrim boasts one of the largest game worlds and never fails to provide something to do. It follows the story of the Last Dragonborn, a person born of dragonkind who is destined to save Tamriel from the Dragon Crisis.

However, even with it's 'tutorial' missions, which basically consists of the quests up until you kill Mulmunir, the first dragon, Skyrim has many quirks and it can be easily get you into some tricky spots. I have found myself in tight yet hilarious situations quite regularly while playing Skyrim, and would like to share some of the solutions I have come up with.

  1. When you level up, you get to choose an attribute to advance. I advise sinking a lot of these level ups into Stamina. It eases the burden when you really can't decide which valuable item you need to drop in the middle of nowhere.
  2. Always carry at least two different types of weapons - ranged and melee. Picking off enemies from a distance first makes the closeup fighting tons easier.
  3. If you're strolling through the landscape and the calming beautiful music stops and gives way to something fast paced and intense, run like hell because it means a dragon has just spotted you.
  4. If you get ambushed by a dragon called 'Blood Dragon' and you're less than level 25, I advise running because those things are NASTY.
  5. Don't go on a frenzy and attempt murder on everyone in town. Just don't do it. And if you absolutely beforehand.
  6. Whiterun will always feel like home and you will feel terrible attacking it if you join the Stormcloaks during the Civil War. It's a fact.
  7. Don't do the main quest where you have to travel to Alftand until you are sufficiently leveled. I recommend about Level 30, because some of the enemies you will encounter in Alftand and Blackreach are bloody difficult. Especially the Dwarven Centurions. Far out.
  8. Don't attempt to battle Alduin until you're leveled. If you follow my earlier advice, this won't be a problem.
  9. Don't kill the Riverwood chicken.
  10. Shouting in a village or town 'makes people nervous'.
  11. Get a house as early as you can. You can stash all your stuff until you're ready to use it.
  12. Save your dragon bones and scales. You can make some pretty sweet armor out of them if you level your Blacksmithing.
  13. Watch out for Slaughterfish when swimming in cold areas. They're pretty creepy.
  14. Go for your life on that eagle in Solitude. It's not an unkillable creature. You will nail it.

There is a collection of some of my tips. I'm sure I'll come up with more.