Tuesday, 4 November 2014

Blogging my way to Scotland

Well I did it! I finally joined the land of blogging (I can hear some of my friends applauding this in the background).

The reason I started this blog is probably like many others out there. Somewhere to put all my thoughts. Talk about myself for twenty paragraphs with the glimmer of hope that someone out there cares how much Vegemite I had on my toast this morning (Answer: None. I don't eat breakfast).

But I also started it because of an event that hasn't even happened yet. To be honest, there isn't any real certainty that it WILL happen. But hopefully my drive and determination to make it happen will help get there.

This thing that I speak of is a trip to Scotland. Actually, in my mind, I refer to it as more of a pilgrimage.

You see, I am an Australian born girl. But my maternal grandparents were born in Scotland - in the towns of Beith and Hamilton. My mum always said when I was growing up that she would have loved to take me and my sisters to Scotland, but it was something we just could not afford. Therefore, I decided a few months ago that it is something I must achieve for myself. And when I finally get there, knowing that I funded myself and worked hard for it will be the greatest feeling of fulfillment I've ever had.

The reason this trip will be a pilgrimage for me is because I know that by going to Scotland, I will discover myself and learn so much more about my heritage and culture. The day I am immersed in that beautiful country is the day I greatly look forward to.

But enough about Scotland, and a little about myself.

As said, I'm Australian. I live in the 'boring' (beautiful) city of Perth, on the western coast. Maternally, I am Scottish, and paternally, I am Australian, but my paternal roots probably trace back to England. I'm 18 years old and still haven't touched an alcoholic beverage (18 is the legal age in Australia and many Commonwealth countries). I have danced since the age of three and have a back like an elastic band - hence my favourite style of dance is acrobatics, and I also take part in gymnastics.

I am the driving force behind the Twitter hashtag #believeforchloe. This was started in the name of childhood cancer but the story behind it is one for another time.

If you got to the bottom of this post, congratulations. I probably bored you to death.