Tuesday, 4 November 2014

Corpse Foot Jigs

To the minority that may actually be reading this, my day was a little interesting. Just a little. Not a lot.

As a university student on 'study break' (waste of time. I have never studied, although now would be a good time to start), I can sleep in quite late these days. My sisters, aged 14 and 11, leave for school at 7:50 and 8:10am respectively. But they are so freaking LOUD in the morning! They argue, and crash things around, slam doors, stomp on the tiles...it's a wonder I haven't killed one yet. Anyway, I was woken around 7:30 by my youngest sister clinking her spoon as she stirred her tea.

After 2 more hours of very uncomfortable sleep (you know when you're tired and you're dozing but not quite fully asleep and you just can't get comfortable?), I pulled myself out of bed. After Mum rang home to get me to run an errand, I ended up driving up to the shopping center to see her at work (funnily enough, I also work there).

I hung around long enough to annoy her and then came back home to make lunch. Lunch was not exciting. I don't normally eat big meals during the day, which is probably so bad for my diet, but I just don't have the motivation to cook a healthy meal. Anyway, today I was unusually hungry when I got back home, so it was a 'what can I excavate out of the freezer today' kind of situation.

Yeah, it was kinda sad. I salvaged some pan ready paratha bread (Indian flatbread that is greasy as all get out), and fried up three of those. While they were cooking...

...I danced around my house to Albannach - more specifically 'Corpse Foot Jigs' and 'Auld Nick's A Piper'. For clarification, Albannach (THE MIGHTY NACH) is a Scottish tribal pipes and drums band. There is something liberating about their music. Dad doesn't think so ("drive your car to Nana's and couldn't figure out how to work the bloody radio so I had to listen to your bloody bagpipes the whole way. TEN SONGS"), but I feel like the Scottish beast (I know some people will laugh at me for that, laugh all you like) inside of me just lets itself out.

After dancing like I was at a Scottish festival (maybe I'll do that when I go to Scotland), I lounged around and watched The Social Network (2010), which honestly wasn't exactly enthralling. It was interesting and had me Googling all different things about Facebook, I'll give it that, but it was kind of...flat.

Then I had to pick up the monsters and take them to my grandma's, which I do every Tuesday afternoon, and of course that means I get to see my FAVOURITE little monster. Boyd. He's a cheeky little feral but my god this kid is cute.

(I mean, come on. This kid is ADORABLE)

He was being a little turkey as usual until I took him out the back to look at the fish pond in my grandparents' backyard. He liked that until he realised he can see the cars on the road from the backyard. So off we went to stand on the fence while he waved 'bye bye' to every car that went past. He did learn a new word though.


Bravo cutiepie.

So after surviving the drive home (there are some serious idiots out there), I lounged again, and then had to go to dancing. Nothing really exciting to share from that except we finished two concert routines tonight and by the end of it, I was sweating like a pig. And my childhood cancer ribbon was stabbing me in the chest so I had to pin it to my shorts.

Fun times.

Catcha later.